Project Team
Verena Piatti

Verena Piatti The Owner of Loosdorf Castle The keeping of the shards room in the castle museum of Loosdorf, for me always was kind of a peace work. My idea is that the form of an art peace can be destroyed but not the idea. The creating energy is eternally alive...

Machiko Hoshina

Machiko Hoshina ROIP Project Founder I totally lost my words when I first knew about the tragic story of the broken porcelain collection at Loosdorf Castle. There are over ten-thousand numbers of shards exhibited in the Room of Porcelain. I could even find vases and plates with.....

Masaaki Arakawa

Masaaki Arakawa Professor at Gakushuin University There is a vast collection of exquisite porcelain at Loosdorf Castle which is located in Lower Austria. The majority of the collection was vandalized in the chaotic aftermath of World War II and the shards have been kept at the castle since then. It is common in the West that crushed and broken ceramics are discarded, but Ferdinand Count and Marquess Ferdinand of Piatti...

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