Cheering message

‘Many of the numerous and precious traditional crafts that were exported to Europe from Japan during Edo period until early Meiji era have been left untouched without restoration. Excavating each of these and recreating their value is simple but essential effort for the Japanese to rediscover their position in the world of standardization.’

ーーーー Seiichi Kondo (former Commissioner for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan)

'The Old Imari wares are about to awaken from a long, long journey that started 300 years ago when they left Japan for Europe. They are now brought back to life ‒ after having once ‘died’ amidst WWII tragedy. The project is not only filled with love and hope, but is a strong symbol of peace.'

ーーーー Motoki Hirai (pianist/composer)

‘History has created deep wounds but also bonds after the passage of time, and I am hoping that the message of peace will fill the world to each one of you.’

ーーーー Kyoko Uchida (TV caster)

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